Spencer Channell
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Spencer channell

composer • writer • filmmaker

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Everyday life is framed by countless systems: family structures, cultures, institutions, etc. Too often we overlook these systems’ influence on us, and how they may distort identity and behavior. In my art, I want to celebrate the experiences that shape us – good or bad, painful or pleasant – while pointing out the absurdities of the systems that may trap us, looking through familiar structures and into our existential core.

My work often explores themes of chaos and order, abuse and recovery, and hardship as a path to wisdom and growth. I create in a variety of mediums, held together by the fundamental elements of narrative storytelling, and examining topics from mental and physical illness, domestic abuse, and oppression, to sex and gender, generational divides, and education. I’ve enjoyed the many collaborative projects I’ve been involved in and facilitated, and I’m always eager to work with new people – whether seasoned artist or casual storyteller.



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