Grain Elevator Sheet Music (An Uplifting Song)

Grain Elevator Sheet Music (An Uplifting Song)


Grain elevatoooooooor! Now you can sing it yourself! Or with your friends! On Christmas!

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This music video, which Spencer wrote, recorded, filmed, and edited in three weeks as an 8th grade history project, came to define his public life in ways beyond prediction and passing understanding. His school nickname became "Captain Grain Elevator" after the 8th grade teachers awarded him Student of the Year under this alias. After the video's release, he was featured in local news across the state, multiple times, he met the governor of Ohio BECAUSE OF THE SONG, and the music video won multiple awards including an Ohio State Fair arts competition, and second prize in a youth shorts film screening. Spencer went on to be homecoming prince as a High School Sophomore, a popular vote that was probably cast ironically. Though in some cases one would hope fame is fleeting, Spencer can't seem to shake his legacy as Captain Grain Elevator, the guy that made the grain elevator song (*ahem* it's called *ahem* An Uplifting Song *ahem*). Why am I making the sheet music available? I have no idea. ;)

Just watch.