Atone Remastered CD (with exclusive content)

Atone Remastered CD (with exclusive content)


Mythos Recovery’s 2019 concept album Atone is available on CD, including over 30 minutes of exclusive demos, outtakes, and audio journals. This professionally-printed CD is delivered plastic-wrapped in a standard jewel case with a booklet containing liner notes, credits, production photos, and more. For just $15.99 (shipping included), we will deliver the CD in 7-10 business days.

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Mythos Recovery’s 2019 concept album Atone follows two characters as they escape and recover from parental abuse. When their initial demands for reparations are unsuccessful, they find comfort and healing in the outside world and with each other – but it comes at a cost. Produced by Spencer Channell, Isaac Gomez, and Mallory Strom, this unusually-structured album spans multiple genres, including pop punk, jazz, indie, and alternative, featuring original songs by Spencer Channell, Isaac Gomez, Mallory Strom, and Maya Lagerstam.

Mythos Recovery is a collaboration of songwriters, performers, and producers including core members Spencer Channell, Mallory Strom, and Isaac Gomez, as well as singer/songwriter Maya Lagerstam, audio engineer/percussionist Nick Weber, actor/guitarist/vocalist Blake Dava, percussionist Will Ash, guitarist Harrison Belew, bassist Cory Robbins, and bassist Alex Criado. In Atone, Mythos Recovery brings music to life in a process of restoring narratives, beliefs, and community.

Included on this CD is the complete, remastered album in high quality (44:22), as well as an audio documentary edited, mixed, and mastered by Spencer Channell. Comprised of interwoven audio journals, writing sessions, studio outtakes, rehearsals, and demos, Making 'Atone' captures the real-world events that inspired some of the stories and characters in Atone. An exclusive look into the process of producing an album for the first time, this audio documentary shows art and life working together to cultivate healing, empowerment, and growth through music. This is truly a collector’s edition of the album, as it will bring you closer to the artists who made it, the creative process, and the lives behind the music.